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Sell Your Gold FAQs

How will I know if you have received my gold/jewellery?

An email will be sent to you keeping you informed at every step of the process. You can also check the progress of your application at any time by entering your unique reference number in the Track Your Pack section of our Gold page.

Do I have to wait for the Goldpak™ to sell Ramsdens my gold jewellery or can I use my own packaging?

If you would prefer not to wait for the Ramsdens GoldPak, you can send Ramsdens the gold jewellery that you want to sell in your own packaging. Ramsdens recommend that you use Royal Mail Special Delivery service for your peace of mind.

Do Ramsdens buy unhallmarked gold jewellery?

Yes, Ramsdens buy all gold jewellery for cash, whether it is hallmarked or not. Ramsdens expert advisors are able to test the weight and carat of the gold that you want to sell, they will then contact you with a price to buy your items.

Do Ramsdens buy gold bars?

Yes, however Ramsdens only buy gold bars if they are UK Hallmarked. If you require any further information then please contact one of our expert advisors on 01642 579957.

Do Ramsdens buy gold plated or costume jewellery?

No sorry, Ramsdens do not buy either of the above.

Do Ramsdens buy diamond rings for cash?

Yes, Ramsdens will buy your diamond rings for cash. If you would like to discuss selling your diamond ring to Ramsdens please contact us and we will be glad to advise you of how best to proceed.

What if I do not know the weight of the gold jewellery that I want to sell to Ramsdens for cash?

If you do not know the weight of the gold jewellery that you want Ramsdens to buy for cash, don’t worry. Ramsdens will not presume you are happy with the price we can pay. We will wait for you to confirm that you would like to sell us your gold items at the price offered.

If you send your gold items to Ramsdens we will value them and contact you with the price we can pay.

Ramsdens pride themselves on excellent customer service; you can trust Ramsdens to pay great prices for your gold items, with Ramsdens you are in safe hands.

How do I know what carat the gold I want to sell to Ramsdens for cash is?

The carat of your gold jewellery is indicated by the 3 digit number in the hallmark.

375 - 9 carat
585 - 14 carat
750 - 18 carat

Do Ramsdens buy coins?

We will buy all coins made of precious metals such as Gold, Silver and Platinum. There is no set price on coins as the evaluation will vary depending on the precious metal or the particular coin. Examples of coins we purchase are Sovereigns, Half-Sovereigns and Kruggerands.

If you have coins to sell then please visit your nearest branch or order a Goldpak online.

Do you buy Pandora Jewellery?

We do buy Pandora jewellery as long as it is a genuine Pandora item and will be priced based on its silver content.

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